Noctuid Moths found in and around Torphins Wood, Scotland

Grey dagger, Acronicta psi

Grey dagger caterpillar, Acronicta psi caterpillar on blackcurrant leaf

Common and found in a wide variety of habitats.

Caterpillar food plants include birch, alder, hawthorn, blackthorn, plum, pear, apple, and many others. Caterpillar length up to 38 mm. Feeds Aug - Oct.

Adult flies June - Aug. Adult length at rest is 17 - 20 mm.

Grey dagger, Acronicta psi

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Acronicta rumicis, the Knot grass

Knot grass caterpillar, Acronicta rumicis

Found in hedgerows, waste ground, meadows and gardens.

Caterpillar up to 38 mm. Food plants include plantains, docks, bramble, thistles, hops, sallow and hawthorn.

Adults fly in May and August.

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Cerapteryx graminis, the antler moth.

Cerapteryx graminis, Antler moth, male

The caterpillars feed on grasses and rushes from March to June, and the adults fly in July and August, both day and night.

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Autographa gamma, Silver Y moth

Autographa gamma, adult, Silver Y moth

Adults are most common in the autumn, and fly both day and night.

Wingspan in 4 cm.

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Silver y, Autographa gamma, cocoon

Lesser broad-bordered yellow underwing, Noctua janthe

Lesser broad-bordered yellow underwing, Noctua janthe

Flies July to September.

Forewing length 16 - 20 ..

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Sallow, Xanthia icteritia

Sallow, Xanthia icteritia

Sallow, Xanthia icteritia

Flies August to October

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