Moths (2) to be found around Torphins Wood, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Mother Shipton, Callistege mi

Mother Shipton, Callistege mi

The caterpillar is up to 40 mm long, and thin like a looper with just 3 pairs of prolegs. It feeds on clover and similar plants. The eggs are laid in June and hatch after 3 weeks. In September they pupate and overwinter. The adults emerge the following year in May or June.

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The Snout, Hypena proboscidalis

The Snout, Hypena proboscidalis, adult Noctuid moth

Adults fly in June, July and August. Wingspan 16 - 20 mm. Found in a wide variety of habitats, but always near nettles, the foodplant of the caterpillar. More on the Snout and similar moths.

Convolvulus hawk moth, Agrius convolvuli

Convolvulus hawk moth, Agrius convolvuli

It is hard to believe, but you can see this moth in Torphins! This year (2016) I had one on my nicotiana for ages. It is easily mistaken for a bat as it is huge and forages only at night, and very difficult to actually make out the pattern as it doesn't land on the flower but hovers while drinking, but there is nothing else like this up here, for more>

Elephant hawkmoth, Deilephila elpenor

Elephant hawkmoth, Deilephila elpenor, caterpillar

Elephant hawkmoth, Deilephila elpenor, caterpillar

The caterpillar above was found wandering along the path on a very windy day by my dog. I think it was either looking for a place to pupate, or it had been blown off its foodplant, rose bay willowherb, that lined the path.

Elephant hawkmoth pupa

Elephant hawkmoth adult

Elephant hawkmoth

For more on this spectacular beastie>

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