Marine snails - Muricidae, Murex 1, 2

Muricidae, Murex (rock snails) overview

The Murex family are large to medium sized predators found in the tropics, they are often called rock snails. They are usually found in the shallows or intertidal zone on rocks and corals. The shells are often elongate and highly sculptured with spines and fronds, and brightly coloured insides.

Endive murex, Chicoreus chicoreum, also known as Hexaplex cichoreum, below. Found in the S. W. Pacific, and can reach 15 in height when fully grown.

Endive murex, Chicoreus chicoreum

Murex troscheli, below, is a highly venomous snail which injects the venom into its prey. This immobilises, then kills the prey and partly digests it, allowing M. troscheli to consume the prey at leisure.

Murex troscheli

The Radish murex or Black murex, Muricathus radix or Hexaplex radix below . It is found in the western Pacific among intertidal rocks from the Gulf of California to Peru.

, marine snail

Giant eastern murex, Muricanthus fulvescens, below is found off the S. E. U. S. A. it can be found washed up on beaches from North Carolina all the way round to Texas. Adults can be up to 18.5 cm.

, marine snail

Below is the Toothed murex, Haustellum dentifer, from the Indo-Pacific.

, marine snail

Below is the Snipe's bill murex, Haustellum haustellum also known as Murex haustellum. It is found in the Indo-Pacific.

Snipe's bill murex, Haustellum haustellum, marine snail