Moths in the Pterophoridae family, Plume moths


The photograph below shows the characteristic resting position of these moths, with the wings held out forming a T-shape with the body. As the common name suggests the wings are often fringed and lobed. The abdomen is long and thin, as are the legs.

Gillmeria pallidactyla, the Yarrow plume

Gillmeria pallidactyla, Plume moth, Yarrow plume, adult

Above is Gillmeria pallidactyla, the Yarrow plume, I think. I found this rather sorry specimen at the side of a lane early in the morning. Wingspan is 23 - 27 mm. It is generally found in dry, sandy areas, and is common throughout Britain, found in North America, and right across the Palearctic. Adults fly in June and July. As the common name suggests Yarrow (Achillea) is the main caterpillar foodplant. The caterpillar feeds on the stems of yarrow, and overwinters in the stem or roots.

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