Longhorn beetles - Cerambycidae 2, 1

Petrognatha gigas, the Giant African longhorned beetle

Petrognatha gigas, a longhorn beetle

Petrognatha gigas, above, is found in central Africa. The larva lives in and eats its way through the wood of dead acacia trees, and the adults are camouflaged to resemble the bark of the acacia, even the antennae resemble acacia twigs. Adult body length is 50 - 100 mm, and the antennae can reach another 100 mm.

Callipogon armillatus

Callipogon armillatus, longest beetle antennae

Above is Callipogon armillatus, also know as Enoplocerus armillatus, it is said to have the longest antennae of any beetle. It is native to central and south America, and some of the Caribbean islands. Females have a body length of 70 - 80 mm, and males can reach 110 - 120 mm, however and individual of 150 mm has been recorded. Adults eat fruit and sap running down trees.

The larva is a root borer.

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