Beetles in the Eucnemidae (false click beetles) family

Eucnemidae, false click beetles

The Eucnemidae are also known as the False click beetles. They do have the click mechanism of the true click beetles, but do not seem to use it as much. The general body shape is shown in the drawing below.

Eucnemidae, flase click beetle

There are 25 species in Central Europe, and 6 in the British Isles. The larva live in dead wood. they are generally smaller than the Elateridae.

Dirhagus pygmaeus

Dirhagus pygmaeus, false click beetle

The beetle above came out of a beech log in a pile of firewood, I believe it is Dirhagus pygmaeus. It had just flown to the window and its wings are not completely folded and tucked away under its elytra. Beetles in this species range from 3.5 - 6.0 mm long. The beautiful antennae are never still.

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