Bumblebee Links



Biobest Group's product page. This company supplies bumblebee boxes complete with a queen and some workers, as well as loads of other stuff such as mites for pest control, stick traps and pheromone traps. This is the link to the U. K. site, but there is also a European site

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust. A U. K. based organisation with membership open to all

listserv@listserv.umd.edu This is THE site to post a question on bumblebees. To join send an email to them and in the in the body of the message type: Subscribe Bombus-L Anonymous

http://cedarcreek.umn.edu/insects/album/025070002ap.html A US site in Minnesota.

https://www.bumblebee.org/thesis/introduction.htm This is my thesis on the foraging preferences of bumblebees.

http://www.koppert.nl/e003.shtml A commercial supplier of bumblebees nests complete with queen and workers.

http://www.biobees.co.nz A New Zealand company supplying bumblebee nests commercially.

http://www.hymenoptera.de/nuke/html/index.php?newlang=eng This is an excellent German site, but with a large amount translated into English. You can find good plans for bumblebee boxes, advice on recognising nest-searching queens, and much more. The site is really not just about bumblebees, but all the Hymenoptera, and well worth a visit.

Coffee can cottages. How to make a nest for bumblebees and other insects.


The Royal Entomological Society. Founded in 1833 as the Entomological Society of London, the Royal Entomological Society plays a major national and international role in disseminating information about insects and improving communication between entomologists.

The Cameron lab. at the University of Illinois. Lots of information and fantastic photographs of various types of bee.

The Amateur Entomologists' Society is the UK's leading organisation for people interested in insects. Our members include novices and professional scientists alike - from the very young to those with a lifelong interest in insects.

UKSafari - A site for anyone interested in the wildlife and countryside of Britain. Features photos, facts and a free newsletter. Go there now.

http://www.bwars.com/ Bees, wasps and ants recording society, UK.

http://www.ibra.org.uk International Bee Research Association at Cardiff University. More about honey bees but some general info. and a book ordering section.

http://www.ent.iastate.edu/List/ Iowa State University Entomology Department. A good site to start a search in on almost any subject connected to entomology.

http://www.nhb.org National Honey Board of the US.

http://www.earthlife.net/insects/ An award winning site full of information about terrestrial invertebrates.

http://naturenet.net/index.html A UK site of general natural history interest.

Adkins Bee Removal - A company in the US specializing in live structural honeybee and Africanized honeybee removal


TES teaching resources - a site with a huge number of resources, on just about every subject.