Lists for biology, ecology, zoology and botany, 1, 2, 3

Allelochemicals, possible roles in the life of the plant

  1. storage of unwanted products.
  2. plant structure - cell walls.
  3. plant colour and smell.
  4. defence against physical factors e.g. cold, salinity, UV light.
  5. defence against herbivores.

Essential features of the theory of island biogeography

Advantages of dispersal in plants

  1. Reduces chance of offspring/sibling/parent competition.
  2. Reduces inbreeding. 3) Increases chance of finding "safe" site.

Types of competition

Characteristics of pioneer plant species

  1. Abundant in soil seed bank.
  2. Small seeds.
  3. Shade intolerant. Germination only in open sites. Dormancy broken or germination enhanced by high light intensity, high R/FR ratio light, fluctuating or high temp. and/or moisture, high NO3
  4. Rapid growth.
  5. Early reproduction.
  6. Large investment of resources in reproduction (r-selected).
  7. Reproduction continuous or frequent.
  8. Mechanisms for distant seed dispersal (birds, insects, wind).
  9. Short lived.
  10. Genetically diverse.
  11. Phenotypically plastic.
  12. Low density wood, in trees.
  13. Leaves not robust and short lived.

Differences between the flora and fauna of continental and oceanic islands