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1 Do bumblebees sting? Yes, but only the queens and workers, for more visit the sting page.
2 Bumblebee. Well there is a whole site devoted to them, and there is one doing what she does best in the photograph on the right.
3 Bumblebee nest. There is information about nests on the lifecycle page, about nestboxes on the nestbox page, and there is an FAQ page on nests.
4 Do bumblebees sting or bite? The correct answer is they can do both, but as far as humans are concerned it is only the sting that would have any effect, as the mandibles/jaws are fairly feeble - see the close up below of a bumblebee head.
5 Do bumblebees make honey? Yes.
6 Chordata. The sea squirt.
7 Hymenoptera. This is the entry page for the bees, wasps, ants and saw flies.
8 Primary and secondary succession.
9 Anoplura, the sucking lice.
10 Mallophaga, the biting lice.