Flies to be found in and around Torphins Wood, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Torphins is a village in upper Deeside, Aberdeenshire Scotland. There is nothing particularly special about the wood, it is a mixed species coniferous/deciduous wood, so things found there can probably be found in many other Scottish, British or even European woods.

Tipulidae, crane fly, daddy long legs, leatherjacket.

Tipulidae, daddy-long-legs, crane fly, adult

The larvae (leatherjackets) are found in the soil, rotting wood, bogs, other moist habitats, and some are aquatic. The adults are found in most habitats and are strongly attracted to light.

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Tipulid larva, daddy long legs, crane fly

Culex pipens, common gnat

common gnat larva

Larvae are aquatic and found in even the smallest pond or bucket of water. Adults fly and are found in most habitats.

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Calliphora vomitoria, common bluebottle

Calliphoridae larva, blowfly larvaBlow fly pupa

Calliphora vomitoria, common bluebottle

Found everywhere throughout the year.

Adults 10 - 12 mm long

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Musca domestica, common house fly

Musca domestica, common house fly larva

Larvae found in manure or rotting refuse, adult found everywhere throughout the year.

Fully grown larva 10 - 12 mm long, adult 3 - 12 mm long.

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Mesembrina meridiana

Mesembrina meridiana

Common on walls and umberlliferous flowers from Early spring to late autumn.

Adult 10 - 12 mm long.

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Mesembrina meridiana head

Chironomous sp.

Chironomous larva, midge larva

Larvae are found in mud and decaying vegetation in still waters.

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Mycetophilidae, fungus midge, adult

Mycetophilidae, fungus gnats, fungus midges

Larvae found in and on fungi and decaying vegetation, adults near fungi.

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Cecidomyiidae, adult gall midge

Cecidomyiidae, gall midge

Larvae found inside galls on vegetation especially leaves on trees, adults found nearby.

Adults usually have a body length less than 5 mm.

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