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Chapter 1

In 1923, in a coastal town in the north west of Japan, in what is known as the Snow Country, a woman cried out in pain; a little whimper; not a scream. The tightly folded piece of cloth she was biting down on helped muffle the cry. Two of her neighbours were with her to help with the birth. And as the fires of the Great Kanto Earthquake raged and burned in Tokyo, Misao Murayama was born.

“Another girl, unfortunately,” said one neighbour as she handed the baby to its mother. “Better luck next time.”

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A different path

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A Japan few foreigners know, and many Japanese would prefer to forget.

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This is my first novel. I have no agent, no publisher, and I'm not even sure it is any good. Any advice on how to progress would be welcome. The novel is finished, but I don't know what to do next, apart from compete with the millions of others.